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The Spring Festival is also the Chinese New Year. Every year, before the Spring Festival, people are very busy. They buy many foods to prepare for a big dinner with their families. If their families are outside the city, they will make travel plan to meet them. In the evening after dinner, people go out into the street and play fireworks and fire crackers.【七年级英语作文带翻译】



Spring Festival is the most important festival in China.Before Spring Festival we clean our houses,paint doors and windows red,decorate the doors and windows with paper cuts,buy clothes and have a haircut on New Year"s Eve,we get to together and have a big dinner,we eat dumplings,sweet rice dumplings.We watch TV and at midnight,we play fireworks.On New Year"s Day,we put on our new clothes and visit our family and friends,There"s dragon and lion dancing.The New Year Festival finishes at Lantern Festival after two weeks we usually eat rice dumplings.They are round and so they bring us good luck.还有一篇比较简单的 Spring Festival is the most importantand popular festival in China.Before Spring Festival ,the people usually clean and decorate their houses.And they go to the Flower Fairs to buy some flowers.During Spring Festival ,the adults usually give lucky money to children.People often get together and have a big meal.Some people eat dumpling for dinner.I love Spring Festival .


mg favourite subject英语作文70词七年级水平带翻译

Different people like different subject.When i was a child.My sisiter often speaks some English words to me .The words sound good and i love them.After i went to school.I study English very hard and get good grades.so,I fall in love with it.I often have some problems in English.But i alwayas get over them .Because I know that where there is a will,ther is a way.
I like it very much.she likes my friend .It impotant for me .so I won"t give it up.It is my important in my life.
My favourte subject is english .with the development of china .more and more pepole begain to learn it .because with it you can fand a good job .and even can make more money .as we all knowen that the olympic game will bi hold in china ,and then there will be many foreigner .and i can help them because few of them can speak chinese .so i think that english is very usefull,and i want to learn it well ,so i like it.



1 My name is Li Ming.我的名字是李明.
I"m 15.我15岁.
I"m in Class 3,Grade 7.我在七年级三班.
I like play basketball.我喜欢打篮球.
And my favorite basketball player is Yao Ming.我最喜欢的篮球运动员是姚明.
I have a good friend,我有一个好朋友,
his name is Tom.他的名字是汤姆.
He like basketball,too.他也喜欢篮球.
We like to play basketball after school.我们喜欢在放学后打篮球.
2 My Room
I have my own room.It is big and nice.There is a bed,a desk and a shelf.The doll is on the bad.The lamp is on the desk.The books are on the shelf.The trash bin is behind the door.The clothes are in the closet.There is a air-conditioner over the closet.Look!There are many pictures on the wall.I love my room very much.



I intend to play basketball this winter.Playing basketball will always be my favorite,so some of my classmates and I will form a team together to play basketball.Sometimes,we may match other teams,I like that feeling,when we win,I like this feeling.
Today I found that time is a cruel thing.No matter what time,and time to continue forever.It will not stay and others.You can not use any of the communication time.Time is also a fair thing.Although you have a lot of money,or you enjoy a high reputation,the time would not leave them more.Today,I found that I do not have enough time.Although I do have more than one month"s holiday over,but I found that I have a lot to do.I have a lot of homework to do,I have to complete homework as soon as possible,because I have time.
This is our first day of summer.We are all very happy.Why?Because we have a month"s things we can do like to do.We have some homework.But we can within a few days to complete these.While the rest of the time we can make good use of.My God!We have been very tired,hard to learn.During the winter holidays,I hope to have the opportunity to fully sleep and eat good food to complement their own.Last but not least,I would have a good rest.
It was the second day of our summer holiday.I felt good.I felt I am free.I had a lot of time to do things I like.My parents are in Zhongshan.So I live alone but I don’t feel lonely.But I didn’t do something special.I stayed at home and watched TV.Oh!I wrote an Englishdaily composition.It was my homework.Today,I have slept for 14 hours.I thought I was very tired.It was time for dinner.I must go!I am very hungry.
这是我们暑假的第二天.我感觉很好.我觉得我是自由的.我有很多时间,我喜欢做的事情.我的父母都是在中山.因此,我独自生活,但我不感到孤独.但我没有做一些特别的东西.我住在家里看电视.噢!我写了一篇英语作文.这是我的功课.今天,我睡了14 小时.我以为我是太累了.这是吃晚饭的时间.我必须去!我很饥饿.


英语作文我最喜爱的学科加翻译 要七年级上册的水平

My favorite subject is English. I read English newspapers and listen to radio in English as much as possible. There are so many English books in my house and I will read them whenever I have free time. Some people think English is diffcult .But I think English is very funny.I like English!



It"s time to formulate the new school year"s resolutions.Well,what are my the new school year"s resolutions?
As for school,I"m not good at history.In the coming year,I well stundy hard at it.I"m going to write down all the important points in history classes.In English,I"m not the best,either.To improve it,I plan to listen to the English teacher carefully,read more Enlish TV programs.For life,I think good health is very necessary.So I plan to eat less junk food and take more exercise.Of course,I will spend more time helping my parents with housework.
What about you?【七年级英语作文带翻译】


How to find happiness(七年级英语作文)

Happiness is like the air of ourselves.I don"t agree with the "money is happiness" why because money can only be used to buy such things like cars and buses.But can it buy feelings like friendship and kindness?No,it can"t.And if we have too much money,we will be afraid of robbers and thieves who will rob our money.
As a student,we can find happiness when we are helping the others.We can also find happiness when we achieve the success.I think happiness is easy to find,what about you



第一 篇,去北京玩
Dragon Boat Festival is my favourite festival.During the holiday of Dragon
Boat Festival,I got together with my family to have a big meal.We ofen ate the
zongzi.It tasted very nice.And we saw the Dragon Boat Races.I felt excited
because the race was bustling with noise and excitement.At Dragon Boat
Festival,we also drank realgar wine.Some people thought drank realgar wine can
protect themselves from illness.Dragon Boat Festival was interesting and I like
it very much. My trip to Beijing I went on a trip to Beijing on Sunday morning.I
arrived in Beijing by bus in afternoon.I was excited.Because,Beijing is the
capital city of our country.I went to the Palace Museum.I went to the Great
Wall.I went shopping.I ate in restaurant.I went to the Tian"anmen Square to fly
kites.Beijing is so great.I love Beijing.I"m very happy.

Last weekend,I went to visit Old Henry.
On Saturday morning I cleaned the
house.On Saturday afternoor I went to the movie.Old Henry and I went to beach.We
had a swim there.We played games and flew kites.
On Saturday evening I
cooked a nice dinner.
We had a great time.
I hope to visit him again!
A Busy Weekend
I had a busy weekend.On Saturday morning,I read books
and did homework.In the afternoon,I cleaned my room.In the evening,I watched TV
and movies.On Sunday morning,I played basketball with my good friend.We were
happy.In the afternoon,I went to the supermarket.In the evening,I read a book
about history.
This weekend,I was very tired.
Last vacation We went
to a beautiful beach,a museum and we went to the mountains.
On the first
day.It was sunny and hot all day.We went to a beautiful beach.We had a swim
there.We played games.It was really fun.We had seafood for dinner.It was
On the second day.The weather was not good.so we went to the
mountains.We got to the top of the mountain.We played games and flew kites.Iwas
very tired.but I had a good time.
On the third day.The weather was cool.so
we went to a museum.It was kind of boring.so we didn"t really enjoy it.
Last summer holiday,My family had gone to HongKong ,At the morning ,my
father drive the car to Shenzhen,After the lunch,we take the car to
HongKong,HongKong is a center of fanancial.There are many people in there,We
just go shopping ,then ,we had a good dinner.
The next day ,we gone to the
Ocean Park,it was very intersting and wonderful.The good expression was the
informce of the dophin,They could save people,also could show many things.They
are very smart!
I like HongKong very much !
I was very happy during
the National Day holiday. I spent a lot of time to play with my friends because
I had little homework,I had finished it very soon. Although sometimes I feel
bored, happiness was the mainstream. I liked to visit interesting places most.
It was very nice. I like the National Day holiday.
to meet you again by letter.I am so excited to tell you something about my
vacation on May day holiday.
I went to Shanghai Science and Technology
Museum with my parents. It"s so interesting here,the most attraction is the 3D
cinema which can bring you to explore the vivid science world!
sincerely to invited you to Shanghai and go there again.I promise that it will
give you a happy experience!
Best Wishes,
yours ***
Private Conversition
Last week I went to the theater.I had a very good
seat.The play was very interesting.I didn"t enjoy it.A young man and a young
woman was sitting behind me,they were talking loudly.I got very angry.I could
not hear the actors.I turned around,I looked at the man and the woman
angrily.They didn"t pay any attendtion.In the end,I could not bear it.I turn
around again:"I can"t hear a word!"I said angrily."It"s none of your
business"the young man said rudly."This is a private conversition!"
went to the park with my dad yesterday. Yesterday was a rainy day, but the air
was really fresh. We saw a lot of old people and children playing and running in
the park. There were many dogs following them as well. I will always go to the
park in future.
yesterday,I was very happy.Beacause something
interesting happened to me.
In the morning, I got up quickly.Then,I ate
breakfast with my parents.The breakfast was so delisious.After breakfast,I went
to school by bus at 7:00.
I had seven classes yesterday. It was
Chinese.maths.English and so on.
Yesterday I went to the shop to buy some
fruit.I bought some apples bananas and many other fruit.when I got to pay for
them ,I found that I forgot to take some money with me.So I have to went back
home to bring the money and pay for the things.How unlucky the day was!


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